Your Living Environment

A biologically wholesome building

This is important – we are living beings and the closer we are to what is natural, and the more we allow ourselves to be guided by the natural, the better we feel.

things to consider for a biologically sound home:


  1. Affordable
  2. Safe and quiet
  3. Clean air (dust free and not damp) and good ventilation
  4. Heating for the winter (special radiant heaters or underfloor heating for tile/stone floors)
  5. Daylight and sunshine
  6. Free of toxins: solvents, plastics, pesticide, herbicide, etc.
  7. Microbe free: avoiding the accumulation of mould and legionellas

It is especially important for people with mental illness, pulmonary disease or allergies to give attention to living in a biologically wholesome building.