Body and mind form one entity, and neither one of them can exist without the other

Nevertheless, health in body and in mind do not share quite so many things as we might suppose. Where they particularly influence each other is in the realm of motivation to be healthy.

In my opinion a healthy lifestyle is founded on the following :


  1. Clean air
  2. Clean water
  3. A diet based on whole plant foods
  4. Restful sleep
  5. Strenuous daily exercise, aerobic exercise, flexibility, coordination
  6. A home that is toxin-free, safe and warm
  7. Surroundings that are toxin-free, natural, with sunlight
  8. A satisfying sex life
  9. Avoidance of unhealthy habits: unhealthy foods (processed foods, added sugar/salt/fat), tobacco, alcohol, drugs and medications


  1. Close social relationships: friends and relatives who give help and appreciation
  2. Love
  3. Sexuality and reproduction
  4. Work that is meaningful, has adequate pay, respectful treatment and appreciation from colleagues and bosses
  5. Free will and freedom of choice
  6. Relaxation and physical exercise, especially if it is outdoors in nature
  7. A sense of meaning in life or a spirituality
  8. Avoidance of stress